Flight Services


ClimbVector can provide you with experienced pilots for any job: short term, a long contract or on-call basis.

Our pilots are available for flights including:

    • Ferry Flying - Taking your aircraft  from A to B. Our experienced pilots are capable of flying your aircraft safely, swiftly and securely between any two places on the planet. *
    • Maintenance Verification Flights - After or during maintenance action, a flight may be necessary to confirm proper operation of systems that typically may not test well on the ground, like Pressurization, Auto Pilot and Flight Controls. A Verification Flight is a legal requirement when major work has been performed on both powerplants. Technical expertise and the ability to effectively communicate with the maintenance team are ClimbVectors' strong point. *
    • Training Flights - See the tab 'Flight and Simulator Training'
    • Line Flying - For a commision fee, we can bring you into contact with experienced line pilots. In certain cases, ClimbVector could act as an intermediary agency to provide you with pilots on a temporary or project basis.
* ClimbVector does not have the aim or capability to provide the necessary operational support and/or permits for individual flights. Flights are executed under the Operators' Permit and with use of operational support / permits provided by your organisation. If desired, we can bring you into contact with a third party that can provide these permits and services.