Flight and Simulator Training and Checking


ClimbVector can provide you with the necessary training for your pilots. Our instructors are kind, patient professionals with lots of real-life, practical experience. They will train your flight crews on an invidual basis to a standard high above the legal requirements. We have a very high regard of Crew Resource Management (CRM) principles and will train your crew accordingly.

We can provide you fully licensed Instructor Pilots for the following:
  • Simulator Training - Whether you need a full Type Qualification or a Recurrent Training, we can provide the instructor for you.
  • Simulator Assesments - Potential hires are screened in a simulator skill assessment. In a short, intensive session all aspects of piloting will be verified to live up to your standards.
  • Circuit Training - After qualifying in the simulator, your new hires can be taught landing the real aircraft by our instructors. *
  • Line Training - Your pilots will be trained to high standards regarding airmanship, CRM and practical knowledge. They will learn to operate according the latest insights from our experienced staff. *
* ClimbVector does not have the aim or capability to provide the necessary operational support and/or permits for individual flights. Flights are executed under the Operators' Permit and with use of operational support / permits provided by your organisation. If desired, we can bring you into contact with a third party that can provide these permits and services.