Job Opportunities

At this moment, there are no vacancies.

We do, however, maintain a pool of talented people, pilots and non-pilots alike. If you fulfill the following requirements, you are invited to leave your resume (CV) at recrui tme for future projects.


  • Enthousiastic approach toward modern aviation
  • CRM is your second nature (or better, your first)
  • Finished aviation study
  • Fluent English (minimum ICAO level 5 or equivalent)
  • Ability to clearly communicate with all layers of the aviation community
Additionally, the following are preferred:
  • For pilots: A valid type rating, with a minimum of 500 hours on type, a bove average knowledge of manuals and common performance issues for one or more aircraft types
We have a policy in place to select the most suitable person for the job. Part of this policy is to provide equal opportunities for minority groups.