About us

ClimbVector has been around for a while - it has been founded in 2011 by Captain Marcel Boerkoel (BSc) to support a market demand for the services offered.

Marcel's 25+ years' aviation experience was built up in Aircraft Maintenance, Operations and Flight Departments of various companies. He worked as Mechanic, Engineer, Operations Officer, First Officer, Commander, Instructor, Technical Pilot and State endorsed Examiner. His broad background in hands-on aviation, combined with a great enthousiasm for flying and a solid professional network, is now available to enhance your company through the services of ClimbVector.

Other ClimbVector personnel is hired on project-basis; the people involved are selected for their specific qualities to suit your demands in the most optimum way. Working like this keeps ClimbVector's organisation lean and it's overhead cost low, resulting in the ability to offer the highest standards at competing prices.

We are looking forward to be of your service!